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About the Holiday Homes & Apartments “Koliber”

Our history

The Holiday Homes & Apartments “Koliber” is the family business.

We started building “Koliber” in 2008, the year our son was born. Only a year after, the first guests were enjoying their holiday in “Koliber”, although the property was much smaller than now and certainly had less attractions. Over the years, our business has grown, so has our family. Being the parents of two kids now, we recognise the children’s needs and try to accomodate those needs to ensure the kids are kept occupied at all times so thier caretakers can relax.

We are very proud that the Holiday Homes and Apartments “Koliber” grow every year, both, in terms of infrastructure, and also by number of guests visiting our site.

Our history

We grow our business for you


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Objectives of the project and their planned effects:

Purchase and installation of software for booking accommodation. Increasing the readability of the services offered by showing the available dates more clearly for the interested customer. A system enabling comprehensive control over the services provided – including content management on the website, integration of the website visit statistics system, generating invoices and sales reports. This solution will allow the company to consciously manage the facility based on the data collected by the system. The software also makes it easier for customers through the function of previewing the availability calendar, enabling online payments and online registration and real-time messenger function. Such facilities will result in streamlining the booking of stays and will increase the chance of attracting new customers. The purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging stations is aimed at expanding the company’s sources of income, as well as promoting green energy sources. This is to make the offer more attractive. Currently, there were relatively few customers using electric vehicles among customers, although an increase has already been noticeable in the last year. In the future, this trend may change, because by raising the standard of the facility, it will be possible to reach the group of customers using electric vehicles, and thus increase interest in this group of recipients. The effect of this action will not only be an improvement in the company’s finances, but also an increase in the use of electric vehicles not only among residents, but also tourists. The purchase and installation of a garden tub for 6-8 people and a 6-person wood-heated sauna will be a paid additional service for the customer. Additional revenues are expected, as well as an upgrade of the resort’s standard. It will be a separate SPA zone in the so-called relaxation garden. This service will probably attract a specific group of more demanding customers, which will contribute to increased revenues from operations. The heated swimming pool, which should also extend the season, will make your stay in our resort much more pleasant. This role will also be played by a charging station for electric vehicles. A set of garden sets and a loudspeaker that allows you to play appropriate music will also increase the comfort of your stay. The purchase of the reservation system will contribute primarily to the efficient management of the reservation of available cottages and apartments. First of all, the customer will see the availability of the services offered, which will significantly speed up the process of choosing the right place, as well as allow for a quick and automatic booking. This service, through the functions described above, will significantly improve – and thus increase – the sale of the services offered.

Project value: 125239,24 zł

Contribution of European Funds: 62619,62 zł


Exclusive hire of 4 holiday homes and 4 apartments

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